a small enhancement of icons in MediaPress Comments Box

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    CleanGist on #40315

    Hello Sir,
    You guys are superstars in the BuddyPress World. And MediaPress is one of your great contribution to BuddyPress and WordPress.

    But as they say, it’s never enough. So I’m here to ask for a small enhancement to MediaPress.

    If you look at this image–https://prntscr.com/1qttkuc

    You can see how there is a placeholder Text with some fancy icons in the Comment Box.

    And when we start to type comments, the icons vanish, to be replaced by a Camera, Gif and Send button.

    Now I’m not saying we should have the same Facebook effect. But I’m saying that the MediaPress Comments box is ordinary, unsophisticated and without any juice, and I’m suggesting that we should add some sophistication to it.

    What I seem to be suggesting is to have icons in the MediaPress Comments Box. These icons will be Photo, Emoji and whatever else seems necessary and useful.

    Now, when people begin to type into the comments box, the icons should shift downwards, while the Text stays above them. In this way, the icons are always in view as you type, and you can always call up the Feature of each of the icons when needed.

    Can BuddyDev consider this enhancement for MediaPress?


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    Brajesh Singh on #40318

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    we are waiting BuddyPress 10.x media component to see what features are offered by them and how can we complement the effort in the best possible way.

    We will be restarting the development/new features once the BuddyPress media component is available.


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    CleanGist on #40333

    Thanks, Thanks and Thanks a billion for this informative and time sensitive answer.

    I must inform you that this answer has sent shivers up my spine. The reason is that if you look at this image– https://prntscr.com/1qx3lxq

    You will see that the image I uploaded there is no longer showing. The image is still there: but it does not show because Activity Plus Reloaded was used to upload it, and now Activity Plus Reloaded is no longer available on the website.

    I moved from Activity Plus Reloaded to MediaPress because:

    1.) I wanted something that could do more. Activity Plus Reloaded did Photo, Video and Audio.

    I wanted something more that did Documents, Slideshow, Hashtag, Link, OEmbed,Giffy or whatever else.

    2.) I asked Activity Plus Reloaded for these more features probably, and I was told that these requested enhancements will not be considered anymore because of BuddyPress Media component coming up, and Migration for existing Users into BuddyPress Media component is now what’s being considered.

    These two circumstances made me make the shift to MediaPress, and I hoped I will use MediaPress forever.

    But now that you’ve given me this heads up, I will now like to ask a few questions:

    a) Does this mean that all Media I’ve uploaded to my website will all now be lost as I’ve suffered loss using Activity Plus Reloaded?

    b) Or is there a way that you can do a Media Migration from MediaPress to BuddyPress Media component so that I will not loss any Media which have already been uploaded with MediaPress before the existence of BuddyPress Media component?

    Needing to hear from you soon.


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