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    Mical Johnson on #28128

    Hi Brajesh, big fan! Your products are life savers!! This plugin “Conditional Profile Fields for BuddyPress” has been amazing. Being free was even more awesome!

    Here is the thing, currently this supports only one logic. I was wondering if this could support an AND and OR logic that would have been very helpful. For example, recently I had to display content in the frontend according to multiple types of sporting events. A lot of the sports had common fields. Since this plugin supports only one logic at a time, for example, sport = ‘US FOOTBALL’ but it’s can’t do sport = ‘US FOOTBALL’ AND sport = ‘BASEBALL’ … I had to write a similar code for each block according to each sports type …

    So, I was hoping that maybe you could add that logic in there soon. That would be awesome! Even if you make it a premium plugin and charge for it, I’d be the first person to buy it … just a thought.

    Plz, let me know if you have a plan like that … Thanx in advance.

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    Brajesh Singh on #28141

    Hi Mical,
    Thank you for the kind words and bringing this question.

    I do plan to make it more powerful in future. I is not on the priority though ans there are some other release scheduled for this month. I will be glad to revisit it in next 2 months and update.

    Thank you

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