activity not showing up with buddypress installed on sub-site

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    Peter Fae on #15355

    Hey all. I have a *repeated* issue with Buddypress that I’ve been working on for quite a while. It has to do with assigning Buddypress to a sub-site *and* having the activity feed draw in posts from across the network.

    NOTE – I have read the buddypress docs on this, which clarify that network posts show up on the site in which buddypress was initialized, suggesting that if I somehow initialize on the sub-site first (rather than the main site, done by setting the BP_ROOT_BLOG thing in the config.php), that the posts will show up.

    I’ve had inconsistent results with my efforts regarding this, and am trying to figure out what the CAUSE is.

    Basically, I have had 2 sets of results. One, I shift the root blog to a sub-site, which allows for updates and all of that, but does NOT show the posts from the network in the feed. However, if I have the root blog on the main site, buddypress works normally.

    Yet on the other hand, there HAVE been instances where I’ve gotten it to work on the sub-site, where the network-wide posts are showing up on the sub-sites feed. So I know it CAN HAPPEN. What’s strange to me is the way in which it does, or does not happen.

    This has been very confusing. Right now, I’ve got BP on the main site (site id = 1 ), where it works normally. However, what I want is to move it over to the sub-site (site id = 279), with the network feed happening normally.

    My basic question is … * What is the sequence of installation or deletion-then-reinstallation or whatever by which I can accomplish this? * As said, I HAVE gotten it to work, but the process of it …. I must have missed a step. It’s quite confusing. I know there’s a way. I’m just not sure how it happens. Help is requested please. Thank you very much.

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    Brajesh Singh on #15364

    Hi Peter,
    Here is what should work.

    1. Set BP_ROOT_BLOG to 279 in wp-config.php
    2. Network Activate BuddyPress
    3.Visit the Network Admin->Settings->BuddyPress and make sure that you have the Blogs component enabled. Save at least once, just to be sure.

    4. Now, Try publishing a post on a site and see if it works or not? This is the ideal setup which should work.


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