[Resolved] Activity plus reloaded—more than one video will post

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    Brajesh Singh on #49116

    You are welcome.
    Sure, I look forward to it.


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    webfriend on #50243

    Hi to anyone this could help.

    How block a domain from embeding video in wordpress.

    This my own hack ,– it works good

    if domain is a native WP embed change the format string
    setting to false. If the domain to be blocked is not in the
    list of WP native embeds but its working and causing
    problems, pick a domain in the code list you don’t care about.
    Replace that domain with the one you want to block in that
    code string This will break it because it will be the wrong
    format. it will no longer embed- but activity plus using the
    link option will post the video as a link with an image
    and text.

    Source file

    ———- class-oembed.php
    ( Original )

    ‘#https?://(www\.)?soundcloud\.com/.*#i’ => array( ‘https://soundcloud.com/oembed’, true


    ( Hack )

    ‘#https?://(www\.)?domain\.com/.*#i’ => array( ‘https://domain.com/oembed’, true ),


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    Brajesh Singh on #50248

    Thank you for sharing.
    I hope it helps people looking for similar feature.


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