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    Rick on #31414

    Brajesh, I’m trying to figure out how to accomplish the desired display for links posted with Activity Plus Reloaded.

    In Firefox, the image is a cropped thumbnail. In Opera and MS Edge the image seems to be full-sized and uncropped.

    However, none of these displays seem to match my settings. Thumbnails were set to 150×150 (the default, I think) and the thumbnails displayed in Firefox are scaled to 180px wide. I changed the image thumbnail size to 400×400 and the display behavior is still the same in each browser.

    oEmbed is set at 450px (default, I think).

    Is this a theme issue or maybe a browser issue? Is it possible to gain any more control over the display?

    If it matters, I have rtMedia installed but it’s deactivated.

    Thank you in advance! I know I’ve been asking a lot of questions and I appreciate your help.

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