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    NikB on #31418

    Hi Brajesh et al

    I have a sitewide activity stream which displays all activities but I want to add a filter which displays several types combined eg. let’s call the filter “Friends & Blogs” and have it show both ‘friendship_created’ and ‘new_blog_post’. (Note: this is just an example to keep it simple. Obviously that would be a pretty weird combination but hopefully you get the gist ;-))

    I’ve been trying to follow the tutorial here – https://codex.buddypress.org/plugindev/add-custom-filters-to-loops-and-enjoy-them-within-your-plugin/ and I think(?) I want to take advantage of the last example which adds a filter to the bp_ajax_querystring, although actually want I need is something slightly simpler as I don’t need to add a meta query, all I want to do is filter on the two activity types I want to see.

    Or perhaps that’s the wrong approach?

    If anyone has any suggestions you would save my sanity and I would be hugely grateful 😉

    With many thanks in advance

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