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    demonboy on #25944


    I am using the MemberPress plugin that creates an account page. For consistency I’d like to include the BuddyPress header on this page. That is, the BuddyPress menu and avatar, right down to Personal/Mentions/Favourites/Friends.

    I can muddle my way through php at a push but I was wondering if there was a hook that I can add into my functions.php file that says ‘when on page id 40450, add the BP header’.

    Any pointers?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Ravi on #25947


    Thank you for posting. It’s bit difficult to add BuddyPress header to MemberPress account page instead of you can add a new Nav item for “Account” for user profile and show account page content to it. Please refer this for adding new tab for content.



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    demonboy on #25950

    Hi Ravi. Is this any different from my post the other day about adding custom links to the BuddyPress menu (https://buddydev.com/support/forums/topic/add-new-link-to-the-buddypress-member-profile-page/)?

    Or are you suggesting echoing the content of the account page by changing the echo here to page id?

     * Display content on tab.
    function buddydev_custom_screen_content() {
    	echo 'hello BuddyDev';
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    Brajesh Singh on #25961

    Hi demonboy,
    It is not simple to accomplish.

    You can mimic the layout by copying the member header and changing the displayed user details with logged in user.

    This may need some developer assistance though.


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    demonboy on #25965

    OK, thanks for that.

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