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    Terry on #24750

    I’m going to add a Document Gallery to my site using MediaPress. I have about 2000 pdf books to +Add to this Gallery. The pdf books are in a folder on my site.

    I click Add Document Gallery. This lets me create a gallery aka library.

    When I paste the URL of one of the pdf books and click “+Add” at the “Enter a link” line, it says at the top “Not supported”

    This happens with any URL. The size of the pdf is 34KB.

    Here’s the URL I am pasting: https://witches.chat/books/A%20Witch%20Alone.pdf

    Is it “Not supported” because there are spaces in the URL? Or is there some other reason? Any suggestions welcome 🙂

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    Brajesh Singh on #24755

    Hi Terry,
    Thank you for using MediaPress.

    If the above message is coming, there are 2 possible reasons.

    The easy one is most probably oembed is enabled but remote is not enabled. Can you please visit MediaPress->Settings->General and check that both oembed and remote files are enabled?


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