Add rich editor as tiny MCE on post form buddypress

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    doog2229 on #44976


    For other customer, i use a rich editor as tiny MCE on post form buddypress. I created an override of post-form.php of buddypress for added tiny MCE

    but with mediapress this customisations doesn’t works. The upload process of the media works better with native post form buddypress

    Is it possible to add tiny MCE programmatically (hook or filter) in post form buddypress with your plugin ?

    Do you plan to add this functionality in the future?

    Thanks so lot

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    Brajesh Singh on #44987

    If you are using our WordPress.org version, we have following code that is used to latch over to the ajax posting and sending our uploaded media ids.

        //filter ajax request but only if the activity post form is present
        if (jq('#whats-new-form').get(0) || jq('#swa-whats-new-form').get(0)) {
            jQuery(document).ajaxSend(function (event, jqxhr, settings) {
                if (is_post_update(settings.data)) {
                    var attached_media = mpp_get_attached_media();
                    if (attached_media) {
                        settings.data = settings.data + '&mpp-attached-media=' + attached_media;
            jq(document).ajaxComplete(function (evt, xhr, options) {
                var action = get_var_in_query('action', options.data);
                switch (action) {
                    case 'post_update':
                    case 'swa_post_update':
                        mpp.activity_uploader.hide_ui(); //clear the list of uploaded media

    It seems to me that when you are enabling the rich text editor, the code does not get attached.
    If possible, Please investigate it.

    If you are using the plugin from github, Please let me know. we have a bit different code there.


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