[Resolved] Additional BuddyBoss Default Email Preferences

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    Nick on #39593

    Here are additional hooks for the remainder of BuddyBoss’ email notifications. Also, I changed it from ‘bp_core_activated_user’ to ‘register_user’ because I have a social login plugin that doesn’t recognize bp_core_activated. Perhaps there could be a toggle in your plugin that people can select one of these from?

    add_action( ‘user_register’, ‘wps_set_email_notifications_preference’);
    function wps_set_email_notifications_preference( $user_id ) {
    $settings = array(
    ‘notification_activity_new_mention’ => ‘no’,
    ‘notification_activity_new_reply’ => ‘no’,
    ‘notification_friends_friendship_accepted’ => ‘no’,
    ‘notification_friends_friendship_request’ => ‘no’,
    ‘notification_groups_admin_promotion’ => ‘no’,
    ‘notification_groups_group_updated’ => ‘no’,
    ‘notification_groups_invite’ => ‘no’,
    ‘notification_groups_membership_request’ => ‘no’,
    ‘notification_messages_new_message’ => ‘no’,
    ‘notification_membership_request_completed’ => ‘no’,
    ‘notification_zoom_meeting_scheduled’ => ‘no’,
    ‘notification_zoom_webinar_scheduled’ => ‘no’,
    ‘notification_group_messages_new_message’ => ‘no’,
    ‘notification_forums_following_reply’ => ‘no’,
    ‘notification_forums_following_topic’ => ‘no’
    foreach( $settings as $setting => $preference ) {
    bp_update_user_meta( $user_id, $setting, $preference );

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    Brajesh Singh on #39601

    Thank you Nick.
    We will push it in next release.


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    Brajesh Singh on #40178

    Hi Nick,
    Thank you for the patience. It is available as part of the default notifications plugin.


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