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    Brajesh Singh on #492

    Hi Ime,
    Welcome back. It good to have you again 🙂

    I am sorry but I might have missed it, does the plugin allows importing from social network?

    Also, do you want to force users to complete their profile before they can use the site? If forcing is fine, you may give this plugin a try
    https://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-force-profile/ (If It does not work, I can supply you the code)

    If importing from social network is important, then please let me which plugin you are using and if that supports it or not. I may have some more suggestion based on that.

    Thank you

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    imeea on #493


    Thanks for the bp force plugin. I will check it – though I am unsure if it will work as it hasn’t been updated in a LONG time.

    Yes, I want a plugin that can import from social login into buddypress extended profiles. Please advise. (I don’t want expensive saas solution like oneall or janrain or loginradius)

    Thanks so much!


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    Brajesh Singh on #497

    Hi Ime,
    We had one( Facebook Connect Plus ) which did import all the fields. I have stopped its development due to lack of time and interest of the community.

    I believe wpmudev has a plugin(Ultimate Facebook) that you can buy for $19 and that is known to import the fields etc.

    We will work on our own again in next few months when we have a few more developers as part of our team.

    If the Bp force Profile does not work, i do have a ready to use code(I did it for a client few months ago ) and I will be happy to provide it.

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