[Resolved] AJAX Issues and Posting Problems

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    Destiny King on #38289

    I am using the following: [activity-stream per_page=3 allow_posting=1]

    My issue is when a user clicks like, goes to comment, or interacts with the post on the activity stream, it will reload a whole new link. I am using a very common WordPress Theme, BuddyBoss.

    The user is also unable to load any gifs when they go to comment.

    Please note that the main buddypress timeline, excluding the shortcode, works perfectly and does not reload the page or have gif issues.

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    Destiny King on #38290

    This is for the Activity Shortcode Plugin. Also when a user goes to comment on a post from the shortcode it will redirect them to a different page. in this case our events page, and NOT leave the comment even though they clicked post.

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    Brajesh Singh on #38305

    Thank you for the question and purchasing the support.

    BuddyBoss is a very complex theme which adds a lot of things to activity. Our plugin does not support creating activity with BuddyBoss as the needed js/etc are not loaded/applied on custom pages.
    I am aware that BuddyBoss is bringing their own functionality for the same.

    I sincerely appreciate you purchasing the support for this plugin. Have issued the refund. Ii regret the inability to assist with this request.


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