[Resolved] Anonymous Plugin with rtMedia (conflict)

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    enrons on #544

    Hi Brajesh,

    i know you have the mediapress plugin.
    But in my theme i have now the rtMedia plugin.

    The problem is, that anonymous and rtMedia comes in conflict. When i visit other profiles and i try to open the profiles activities, i get this error:

    [Unknown column ‘mySQl-db_bp_activity_meta.activity_id’ in ‘where clause’]

    Only if i logged in with super-admin, i can see other activities on member-profile /activities.
    If i logged in with normal-user-account, i get the above error message or buddy tell me, there is no privat activities on member-profile.

    If i disable one of the plugins (anonymous or rtMedia) all works fine.

    Can you help me, please? I have also written rtMedia support.
    Thanks !! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    The exact error message:

    SELECT DISTINCT a.*, u.user_email, u.user_nicename, u.user_login, u.display_name FROM mySQL_bp_activity a LEFT JOIN mySQL_users u ON a.user_id = u.ID LEFT JOIN mySQL_rt_rtm_media m ON ( a.id = m.activity_id AND m.blog_id = β€˜1’ ) LEFT JOIN mySQL_rt_rtm_activity ra ON ( a.id = ra.activity_id and ra.blog_id = β€˜1’ ) WHERE ( ( ( a.user_id = ’14’ AND a.hide_sitewide = 0 ) OR ( a.component = β€˜friends’ AND a.secondary_item_id = ’14’ ) ) ) AND a.is_spam = 0 AND ( mySQL_bp_activity_meta.activity_id IS NULL ) AND a.type NOT IN (β€˜last_activity’) AND (NOT EXISTS (SELECT m.activity_id FROM mySQL_bp_activity_meta m WHERE m.meta_key=’rtmedia_privacy’ AND m.activity_id=a.id) OR ( (ra.privacy is NULL OR ra.privacy <= 0) OR ((ra.privacy=20) OR (a.user_id=2 AND ra.privacy >= 40) OR (ra.privacy=40 AND a.user_id IN (’85’,’64’,’20’,’12’,’23’,’8β€²,’16’,’17’,’32’,’24’))) ) ) ORDER BY a.date_recorded DESC LIMIT 0, 20


    Or i have incorrectly install the anonymous plugin?
    (But it works in my theme!)

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    Brajesh Singh on #545

    Hi Sebastian,
    This is a problem at the end of RT Media.

    Anonymous activity does not do any sql query directly. All we do is filter
    ‘bp_has_activities’ and pass a meta_query argument. BuddyPress handles the rest. Please ask the RT Media guys to look into it, most probably thy are doing direct query/filtering on the activities which is conflicting with the activity meta query.

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    Brajesh Singh on #583

    Closing this as It is related to 3rd party plugin and hoping that they should have dealt with it by now.

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