Auto friendship list with conditions not working

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    EvolutionTravel on #42387

    Hi, we are using BuddyPress Auto Friendship Pro Versione 1.0.7
    Also we have buddyboss platform.
    If I use the friendship list with no conditions it is working ok, but If I add a condition based on member type NOT IN xxxx , the plugin is not worling at all , ex condition:
    Member type Not in xxxxx , where xxxxx is the buddyboss member/profile type
    I tried writing for xxxxx the profile type name and also the profile type label, but it is not working in any way.

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    Ravi on #42390


    Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me when are you expecting the user should be auto friends with the list user e.q. at the registration or activation or changing member type from admin.

    I am assuming your associating member type is different from the member type given in the list condition because only in this case members will be auto friends with the user


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