Auto Join Groups not working on new user activation

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    xbladerunner on #44099

    Hello. Global (no conditions) auto join groups isn’t working on new user activation. Works once someone updates their profile, but not on activation. Conditional auto join also isn’t working. I’m presuming the problem is with a specialized registration plugin I’m using.

    I’m using a plugin for Network Subsite User Registration — which allows subsites on a multisite network to have independent registration…

    Do you have any ideas of custom code I could add to make the autojoin groups plugin work within this setup? Or at least, can you help me figure out what specifically within the registration process “triggers” the “BP auto join groups” plugin to add a newly registered user to a group? Thanks!

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    Ravi on #44144


    Thank you for using the plugin. BuddyPress Auto Join Groups adds groups to users on activation, member type change, profile update actions. If your plugin fires some specific action once the user registers you can attach our function on that hook. Please ask the plugin author if his plugin offers any action like activation or not.


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