Auto matically change user role after meeting conditions

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    Tosin on #38631


    Please how can I automatically change a user role to author after the user meets 2 conditions

    1. The user follows at least 25 users using the follow plugin
    2. The user has published at least 50 post

    when a user follows 25 user and has published 50 post change role to AUTHOR

    ALSO –

    When a user is following either less than 25 user or has less than 50 post change role back to CONTRIBUTOR

    Thank you

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    Brajesh Singh on #38650

    Hi Tosin,
    Thank you for the question. It is interesting but we are unable to assist you due to lack of available manpower. Our team strength is down due to pandemic and some of our people getting affected by covid.

    We regret our inability to assist you with custom codes currently.


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    Tosin on #38653

    Thanks for the feedback, im really sorry for the inconvenience and I pray and hope this covid problem is eradicated as soon as possible please stay safe.

    PS: just to share – this plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-verified-member/) has a new feature to automatically verify all users that belong to a specific user role, in plugin the settings I selected the role AUTHOR – so all AUTHORS on my site are automatically verified.

    When users sign up in my site they are registered as CONTRIBUTORS, now to prevent the process of manually verifying users and automating the whole verification process all I need to do is to change a user’s role from CONTRIBUTOR to AUTHOR after certain conditions are met.

    I will remind you later about this maybe next month, I hope you consider.

    Please the team at Buddydev should stay safe, we really depend on you guys.

    Thanks so much for your outstanding support

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