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    HustleSystem on #34681

    Hey there! I created a multisite network on my sub-domain (members.hustlesystem.com) and have user data with the site (community.hustlesystem.com, which I installed BB Pro on)

    Is there a way to bypass the 2nd login from a logged-in user (of members.hustlesystem.com) when they go to community.hustlesystem.com?

    I have a community tab inside the main members area, that redirect to the BB theme and community features, but I don‘t want users to have to double-login to enter the community since they are already logged in to the members area.

    Hope it makes sense 🙂

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    Brajesh Singh on #34692

    Welcome to BuddyDev forums.

    Are these 2 sites part of same installation or different WordPress installation? If same multisite network, this should not be an issue.

    Please let me know and I will assist.


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