[Resolved] Automatically add a space after @mention

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    Tosin on #25995


    How can I automatically add a space in @usermame after a username has been selected in the auto suggest popup. For example after selecting an option while trying to mention a user in the auto suggest popup

    it appears as (@michaelwhat is your name) but a space should be added after @michael.

    It should appear as (@michael what is your name) maybe the space can be added using   in php.

    This how it is displayed on twitter when you mention a user a space is automatically added after the @username


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    Brajesh Singh on #26009

    Hi Tosin,
    It is not a bug. A user should use spacebar to add space.
    Even facebook does not add the space after that name.

    Since it seems unnecessary customization, I will suggest educating users(if they are commiting the issue).


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    Mike (DesignServe) on #26172

    Just adding my thoughts. I do tend to think that selecting in the popup should add the space. When typing we naturally add a space, when slecting something we tend to just keep typing and I’ve fallen foul of this a few times.

    One of my users has a space in their username, which is very annoying I didn’t think it could happen. So I couldn’t use @ reply to them.

    Another has their username as a dot ( . ) which is even more annoying. I think I might delete them. Or maybe I’ll change it to be “dot” 😀

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    Brajesh Singh on #26177

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts Mike.

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