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    Phil B on #4356

    Hi peoples,

    I’m asking on here because the support on BBpress and buddyPress is very lacking.

    I’m currently having to go through and disable my plugins to track down an error im getting, the question is this. If i disable BBpress and BuddyPress, will it delete all of BB and BuddyPress data that i have? forums, topics, users and settings? or will they still be there once i activate the plugins again?

    Can anyone advise please? it is urgent!!

    Thanks in advance

    Phil B

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    Brajesh Singh on #4358

    Hi Phil,
    Thank you for asking.

    1. Disabling BuddyPress/bbPress will not delete any data. The data will be there and when you reactivate them they will become accessible.

    You can safely disable and reenable them.

    Hope that helps.


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