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    Joanne Irvine on #32943

    Hi. I have activated the Buddypress Block Users plug in that comes with the moderation plugin. The moderation plug in works fantastic but the block users plug in is not showing the block option beside or near any users. I’m using buddyboss platform which your plugin states it works with. The only place where i see anything related to the plug in is in the account settings where there is a spot that would list who is blocked – but there is not place or way to block someone anywhere. Do you know why this would be happening. I have all users set up to be able to block anyone (but admins – people cannot block admins)

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    Ravi on #32945

    Hello Joanne,

    Thank you for using the plugin. Are you using this buddyboss plateform with BuddyBoss theme?. Then, You will find block button in single member profile header buttons.

    Also, Superadmin users can not be blocked.


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