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    Craig Taylor on #44977

    Hello I am looking for this exact solution for our site

    I notice your plugin hasn’t been updated and his set to be removed from your services

    Do you have another solution for this or are you working on something or can the buddy blog pro be modified? Or is this plugin safe to use and future-proof?

    Thank you for your time

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    Brajesh Singh on #44985

    Hi Craig,
    Thank you for the questions.

    1. We hope to bring group posting functionality to BuddyBlog Pro in future.

    2. For the time being, this plugin is not deprecated. We release any bug fixes but we are not actively developing the blog categories.

    We are hoping that the Group Blogging for BuddyBlog should allow moving content like we did with BuddyBlog earlier. Though, there may be some incompatibilities.

    Please feel free to use it currently.


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