[Resolved] Blog categories for groups – Impossible to download images (members)

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    Domden on #16942

    I hope you are good Brajesh.
    A problem with the plugin. Members (ok for admin)can not upload images (http error). I installed the plugin again locally, same message. And on my site there is another plugin and members upload their images without any problem.
    Best Regards

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    Brajesh Singh on #16945

    Hi Dom,
    I just tested the plugin to verify and it is working for me(uploads).

    Please make sure you have the upload enabled in the blog categories settings. If it is enabled and it is still not working, It is most probably a conflict with some plugin. I will suggest using a plugin like WP Staging an then disabling some plugins to see which is conflicting.

    Please let me know what you find there.


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    Domden on #16957

    Hi Brajesh
    We have tests with Rene (WP Staging) that has worked for a while and since members can not download images. This is only possible for administrators. The same thing with Buddyblog. I think it’s like this 🙂 Resolved for me.
    Best Regards

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