Blog Categories for Groups plugin not showing text field for creating blog post

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    Maria ODonovan on #6202

    I have installed the Blog Categories for Groups plugin together with the BP simple Front End Post plugin..

    The “blog” navigation link shows up nicely in the frontend groups and I am able to click in “Create New Post”
    but this loads in everything EXCEPT the text box for me to enter that post. What loads in is this:

    – Title box
    – then unfortunately, the text box for the content of the post is missing 🙁
    – then I do get buttons for adding media or documents.

    – and categories and tags options

    How do i fix it so that the actual text box for entering the post content can show?

    I am using
    WordPress Version: 4.6.1
    BuddyPress for LearnDash (Version:1.1.0)
    BuddyPress (Version:2.7.0)

    Thanks very much

    Kind regards


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    Brajesh Singh on #6222

    Hi Maria,
    My apologies for the delayed reply.

    1. There is no setting in the BCG to hide the content area. It is most probably some type of conflict.

    Can you provide me a temporary account and link me to the site/group?

    Thank you

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