[Resolved] Blog Categories for Groups – Will create posts, but not display them

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    Mark on #27208

    Hi. Say the Blog Categories for Groups plugin I just downloaded will create posts OK, but will not display them in the Group’s Blog page Posts tab. Have tried multiple times. If I create a post with the New Post tab, the post is visible in the Dashboard | Posts page, but no posts show up on the Groups Blog page.

    Problem showed up immediately after installed. FWIW, The Buddyblog plugin works great. Allows creation of posts from the user profile Blog page, and the Posts menu on that page shows all posts authored by that user.

    WordPress 5.3.2
    BuddyPress Legacy 5.1.2
    Blog Categories for Groups 1.3.1

    Thanks! PS, list of plugins installed below:

    Admin Bar Wrap Fix Version 0.9.3 by KZeni
    Beaver Builder Plugin (Standard Version) Version by The Beaver Builder Team
    Blog Categories for Groups Version 1.3.1 by BuddyDev
    BP Remove Profile Links Version 1.2 by @bphelp
    BP Simple Front End Post Version 1.3.8 by BuddyDev
    BuddyBlog Version 1.3.5 by BuddyDev
    BuddyBoss Media Version 3.2.8 by BuddyBoss
    BuddyBoss Products Updater Version 1.2.6 by BuddyBoss
    BuddyBoss Wall Version 1.3.8 by BuddyBoss
    BuddyPress Version 5.1.2 by The BuddyPress Community
    BuddyPress Docs Version 2.1.3 by Boone B Gorges, David Cavins
    BuddyPress Dynamic Group Tab Content Version 1.0.2 by BuddyDev
    BuddyPress Edit Activity Version 1.1.0 by BuddyBoss
    BuddyPress Global Search Version 1.2.1 by BuddyBoss
    BuddyPress Groups Extras Version by slaFFik
    BuddyPress Group Tabs Creator Pro Version 1.1.0 by BuddyDev
    BuddyPress Restrict Group Creation Version 1.1.1 by Venutius
    BuddyPress User Profile Tabs Creator Pro Version 1.1.9 by BuddyDev
    Cards for Beaver Builder Version 1.1.1 by Brainstorm force
    Code Snippets Version 2.13.3 by Shea Bunge
    Colorlib Login Customizer Version 1.2.94 by Colorlib
    Column Separator For Beaver Builder Version 1.0 by Brainstorm Force
    CSS Hero Version 4.01 final by The CSS Hero Team
    Display Posts Version 3.0.2 by Bill Erickson
    Duplicate Post Version 3.2.4 by Enrico Battocchi
    Easy FancyBox Version 1.8.18 by RavanH
    Events Manager Version by Marcus Sykes
    Expandable Row for Beaver Builder Version 1.1.0 by Brainstorm Force
    Fullwidth Page Templates Version 1.0.3 by Brainstorm Force
    GD bbPress Attachments Version 3.2 by Milan Petrovic
    Gravity Forms Version 2.4.16 by rocketgenius
    Gravity Forms Gutenberg Add-On Version 1.0-rc-1.4 by rocketgenius
    Gravity Forms Polls Add-On Version 3.4 by Rocketgenius
    Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On Version 3.2 by rocketgenius
    Gravity Forms SendGrid Add-On Version 1.2.1 by rocketgenius
    Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On Version 4.4 by rocketgenius
    Lazy Load by WP Rocket Version 2.3.2 by WP Rocket
    List category posts Version 0.81 by Fernando Briano
    Maximum width container Version 1.1 by Webzotic
    Media Library Folders for WordPress Version 5.1.4 by Max Foundry
    MediaPress Version 1.4.6 by BuddyDev
    My Private Site Version 2.14.2 by David Gewirtz
    Newsletter Version 6.4.1 by Stefano Lissa & The Newsletter Team
    Orbit Fox Companion Version 2.8.14 by Themeisle
    PDF Embedder Version 4.5 by Lever Technology LLC
    Postie Version 1.9.40 by Wayne Allen
    Post SMTP Version 2.0.6 by Yehuda Hassine
    rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress Version 4.5.11 by rtCamp
    Shortcode Variables Version 3.0.4 by YeKen
    SP Project & Document Manager Version 3.6.2 by smartypants
    Subscribe To Comments Version 2.3 by Mark Jaquith
    Timeline Module for Beaver Builder Version 1.1.0 by Brainstorm Force
    Toolset Framework Installer Version 3.1.7 by OnTheGoSystems
    Toolset Layouts Version by OnTheGoSystems
    Toolset Types Version 3.3.8 by OnTheGoSystems
    Toolset Views Version 3.0.1 by OnTheGoSystems
    Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder Version 1.24.2 by Brainstorm Force
    Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Version 1.14.6 by Brainstorm Force
    UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore Version by UpdraftPlus.Com, DavidAnderson
    User Submitted Posts Version 20191110 by Jeff Starr
    Wicked Folders Version 2.16.1 by Wicked Plugins
    wpForo Version 1.6.5 by gVectors Team (A. Chakhoyan, R. Hovhannisyan)
    WP Real Media Library Version 4.5.4 by Matthias Günter
    WP Real Physical Media Version 1.0.2 by Matthias Günter <support@matthias-web.com>

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    Brajesh Singh on #27211

    Hi Mark,
    I am sorry for the trouble.

    Please allow me to check and get back to you in couple of hours.

    Thank you

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    Brajesh Singh on #27219

    Hi Mark,
    I have tested the plugin now.
    It seems to be working correctly for me.

    Can you please share me the screenshots of your Blog Categories Settings page in the dashboard? Also, did you assign a category the post?

    Thank you

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    Mark on #27239

    Hi Brajesh,
    How can I send screenshots. I can email a PDF?

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    Brajesh Singh on #27244

    Please use a service like below

    to upload and link the screenshots here.

    Thank you

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    Brajesh Singh on #27248

    Hi Mark,
    Thank you.

    Please visit Groups->Personal Evangelism ->Manage ->Blog Categories
    and check if the category “Personal Evangelism” is ticked?

    PS:- I am not sure what is in the last link. It is giving 404.


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    Mark on #27249

    Hi Brajesh,

    OK! That seems to have done the trick. Ummm.. Have you considered adding some instruction on the plugin page about the presence of a new Blog Categories menu item under the group Manage menu? How would someone know to go there and select the associated category otherwise?

    This does answer the question I would have asked regarding how the group posts are associated with a category! Please consider explaining this on your plugin page.

    Thanks! – Mark

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    Brajesh Singh on #27253

    Hi Mark,
    Thank you for the update. I am glad it worked.

    I will make a note and update the documentation. Our assumption was that people will notice it while creating groups, but for existing groups, you are correct. They may not even notice it.

    We will update the documentation in next 2-3 days.

    Thank you

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