BP Auto Join Groups – Cron Job?

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    James Helms on #42808

    Good morning.

    Is there a Cron Job that should be created or other task so that the Sync happens automatically? I have read the documentation and I can’t see anything that suggest this should be done. I have setup all of my Auto Join Lists and when a user joins, they aren’t being added to the group automatically, I have to manually resync each group.

    Wordpress: 5.9
    BuddyBoss: 1.8.5
    BuddyBoss Pro: 1.1.9
    BuddyPress Auto Join Groups: 1.0.6

    Thank you in advance,

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    Ravi on #42811

    Hello James,

    Welcome to BuddyDev forums. BP Auto Join Groups trigger automatically added to users group list on User account activation, On profile update, and On member type change except that is one sync request which will be fired manually when creating any auto-join list and apply on existing users.

    How are you looking to trigger please let me know.


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