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    tangpage on #18563

    It’s not working on my site. nothing created… on personal circle page.

    and on plugin settings:

    “Please enter names separated by “|”. These circles will be created on account activation”, the font is at Italic type, so, this could get confused by , “|” or “/”, i was confused at the first, but i tried both, and still not works. no default circles on any member’s circle page…

    best regards.


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    Brajesh Singh on #18564

    Hi Kino,
    My apologies for the confusion. I will update the plugin today and use normal instead of italic there. It is “|” no “/”.

    The defaults are not created for existing users. It is created for new registration. Try registering a new account and you will see that the circles are created for the new user.

    Please let me know if it works that way or not?


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