[Resolved] BP + Multisite – add blog posts and comments to group activity

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    Hugo Callens on #13608

    I have a blog (subsite) associated to a group in my Buddypress site (main site) on a multisite install. Is there a way to add new blog posts and comments to the group activity page? Not sure which plugin to use and how to make this possible.
    Any help much appreciated!

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    Ravi on #13609

    Hello Hugo,

    Have you checked “Blog category for groups”?. Please refer the following URL:

    Thank You

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    Hugo Callens on #13610

    I did, but my situation is a little different: my blog is a subsite on a multisite and is connected to my BP group through the BP Groupblog plugin by Buddyboss. Buddypress is on the main site.

    A possible solution I can think of is the ability to add rss feeds from the external blog to the group activity. Does that make sense?

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    Brajesh Singh on #13612

    Hi Hugo,
    If the Group Blog does not work for you, feed may be an option.

    There exist a plugin for BuddyPress user that allows it

    I haven’t seen any such plugin for group though.

    My be you can customize the above for groups.


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    Hugo Callens on #13613

    Sounds very interesting, thank you!

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