BP Profile Visibility Manager: Members not found in BB Message To field…

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    Bastiaan Bosch on #49298


    I’m using BuddyPress Profile Visibility Manager, and I can’t add members to the To: field in the Message center of Buddyboss. (I get that the member is ‘not found’).

    I’ve done debugging and your plugin creates the issue. I’ve not changed the settings to your plugin, and it did work fine in the past, but it doesn’t now (it could be your update or something) else.

    Please assist in making it work again.

    FYI, I only enable ‘the option to change visibility settings’ for Admins, so it should all be quite simple (members are visible, and admins can decide if they are visible). Therefore all members should be visible…

    But, that’s not the case… It seems there’s a bug.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Brajesh Singh on #49299

    Welcome to BuddyDev support forums.
    You are probably using an older version of the plugin.

    Please upgrade to the latest and let me know if it works or not?


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