BP Xprofile Member Type Field: feedback and radio buttons

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    maelga on #552

    Hi Brajesh,

    Thanks for this useful plugin.
    I used to have a xprofile field as member type, the old fashion way, and I am looking now into changing this to leverage the new member type api.

    I encountered a minor issue, whereby the value of the member type field is saved through your plugin without capital letter (e.g. student). Ordinary xprofile fields actually follow the spelling of the label which is most of time with a capital letter (e.g. Student).
    This resulted in a few functions using the xprofile field value no longer working for my site, but this is now fixed.

    Another thing, how can I display radio buttons instead of a dropdown to select the field value on the frontend registration form?


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    Brajesh Singh on #558

    Hi Maelga,
    Thank you for asking.

    1. My plugin stores the member type and not the member type label. Member type label have display significance, but under the hood it is the actual member type that matters. The plugin should handle the display properly in most of the case.

    If you want to display in in standard way, you can get the registered member type object and then fetch the singular/plural labels.

    About the radio, are you referring to the member type plugin? I am sorry but I haven’t provided a way for that, you will need to edit that plugin and replace select/option with input type radio. That will do it for now. In future, i will be happy to add an option to show it as radio or select box.

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