Branded Login – Error message with limit attempt

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    Linklusion on #34783

    Hi Brajesh

    Is it possible to consider to have error message of limits attemps when we have restrictions of limit attemp on WordPress ?
    We use Cerber

    1 – When BRANDED LOGIN is activated, if an attempt has failed, there is error message but not attemps left
    Screenshot https://prnt.sc/vy58t7
    If we deactivated BRANDED LOGIN and use wp-login.php, error message includes number of attemps left
    Screenshot https://prnt.sc/vy58y7

    2 – When a user IP is blocked, after he reached number of attemps, an error message display “Invalid Request”, user don’t understand this error message.
    Can you please confirm that when an IP is blocked, “Invalid Request” is the error message which display.
    Is it possible to have an error message more precise ?
    For example : You have reached the number of attemps allowed. You have been blocked for xxx minutes (taking minutes blocked from Cerber




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    Brajesh Singh on #34790

    Hi Johan,
    Thank you for reporting the issue.

    We haven’t tested the branded login with Cerber and don’t have any compatibility information yet.

    1. We will test. Cerber is most probably not compatible with branded login.

    2. The plugin does not understand what is blocking by IP. Most probably the Cerber is handling it and returning some kind of error instead of user to the branded login. That’s why branded login is showing this message.

    We will need 4-6 working days and to make these two compatible. I will reply back after the update.

    Thank you

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