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    swati on #6520

    I am using wordpress version 4.6.1 and buddypress version 2.6.2…….I want to use buddydroid in android device. how do I use it….is is compatible with my current wordpress and buddypress version. Please guide ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Brajesh Singh on #6525

    Hi Swati,
    Thank you for posting. From the looks of the code, I am not going to suggest using it. It does not seem to be maintained.

    I will suggest waiting till BP API is available(the BuddyPress team is working on it) and then a proper app may be written.

    Also, if it is too important to provide a Mobile app, you may use a proper responsive theme and use the WebView to embed the site ( Though it will violate the the Play Store policy, The Play Store policies do not allow just embedding url to create an App).


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