Buddy Boss and Auto Follower

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    Carl Taylor on #52147

    Just bought the auto friend pro plugin to use with BuddyBoss as it said it was compatible, I’m setting up the auto follow friendship lists but the conditions don’t seem to support BuddyBoss Profile types.

    There is a Member Type but when I set that value to match a Profile Type it says it skips all of the users when I force a sync, so it seems this Member Type isn’t compatible with BuddyBoss and their Profile Type field.

    Is this a bug? enhancement needed or something I’m not doing?

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    Brajesh Singh on #52150

    Hi Carl,
    Thank you for purchasing from us.

    Yes, the plugins are compatible and BuddyBoss is right about it. The profile type is applicable to BuddyBoss.

    Are you using profile type or the profile field which is named profile type?

    Can you please link me to a screenshot showing your conditions?

    Thank you

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