[Resolved] Buddy Press Dont list User whit Member_type asociated in the directoy

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    Carlos Morell on #29591


    im trying List users with one member_type. Only can see admin.. I’am the admin. Create a Role with role users pro, and assign this role to Member type pro.

    With the sort code [bpmtp-members-list member_type=profesoriniciacion] for example… dont list it.

    But in the Members page, are counts of the users asociated to a Member_type. Example profesoriniciacion=1 , but when you click in this member_type, said to me, dont found any user with this MT. Only me, the admin…..

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    Brajesh Singh on #29613

    Hi Carlos,
    Welcome to BuddyDev.

    Do you still need help with it(I am asking as I see the topic has been marked as resolved).

    To disable tab in directory, Please un-check “List in directory?”

    Since you have excluded the users from directory listing, It is not displaying them.


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