[Resolved] Buddyblog and comment threading

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    Richard Foley on #11533

    I’m using BuddyBlog for users to create blogs on a buddypress site. It seems that for images, and groups, and events, and posts, all users can create threaded/nested comment/responses. But not for Blogs.

    Looking at the WP settings, I have “Enable threaded (nested) comments …” enabled. However, this appears to be ignored, as the only possibility appears to be to add a comment at the base of the page, in a long list one after the other.

    Not sure what I’m missing, as I’m sure this is possible. Thanks in advance for any helpful assistance anyone can offer.


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    Richard Foley on #11534

    My bad!

    It’s a theme issue blocking the display of the relevant “reply” facility…

    Closing 🙂

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    Brajesh Singh on #11535

    I am glad you resolved it.


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