Buddyblog & Categories for Groups – Posts list loop template issue

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    Mark on #27260

    Hi guys!

    Say, the Buddyblog and Categories for Groups plugins list the desired posts, but the formatting of the posts is really ugly and hard to read, at least using my BuddyBoss Boss theme.

    I’d really like to get the posts list to display posts in a nicer format, even if a shortcut version where you just see an excerpt and can click on the title to view the whole post…

    For example, here’s a screenshot from the Blog Categories for Groups posts list display on my site… It’s really hard to even see seperation of the posts.

    Here’s a screenshot of a list of posts shown on my home page… This just an example of listing the post excerpts with a BeaverBuilder widget.

    Here’s an excerpt-only list of posts on a page created by BuddyPress…

    Do you have any suggestions? Is there a way I can use a different template for the posts loop, or add my own code to modify the posts loop that won’t get replaced every time I update the plugins?

    Thanks! – Mark

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    Ravi on #27262

    Hello Mark,

    Thank you for posting. You can override in given manner.

    For BuddyBlog

    Copy template form




    For Blog category for groups replace ‘buddyblog’ with ‘bcg’

    And change template while loop with your theme template index.php or archive.php

    Check the url where I have modify loop with theme



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