[Resolved] Buddyblog custom form from BP Simple Front End Posting

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    Simon Parker on #22653

    Is there a way to define a custom front end posting form to be used by buddyblog.

    BP Simple front end postign allows us to create a custom form using a function but there is no way to choose this from the buddyblog interface.

    I assume buddyblog creates this form within itself and shows it.

    What i am trying to do is be able to change the submission of the form from draft to be pending review instead.

    I can see a forum topic from 2015 discussing it but there was no result at the end.

    I basically need a bit more control over the submission.

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    Brajesh Singh on #22665

    Hi Simon,
    At the moment, we do it via code. I will post a snippet.

    Here is the result from all forum discussions till now.

    We are allowing multiple post types and form creation/custom fields in very near future.

    Here is the code for you.

     * Set custom post status.
    add_filter( 'buddyblog_post_form_settings', function ( $settings ) {
    	$settings['post_status'] = 'pending';
    	return $settings;
    } );


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