Buddyblog is brilliant!

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    Mike (DesignServe) on #26174

    Hi Brajesh,

    I’ve added your Buddyblog plugin and it is brilliant! My users can now make their own posts without me worrying about them accessing the backend. I did a lot of reasearch into paid and free plugins for this, yours is the best. I don’t mind paying for good plugins I’m more concerned about whether they will have ongoing support, I don’t like changing things for my users later. I know I’m in good hands with you!

    I have feature requests or assistance requests for you. Or maybe a premium component:

    1 – When users make a post, I would like an area to add a little help at the beginning of the page. For example, to explain to them what a Featured Image is, give them some brief guidance and give some (target=_blank) links where they can find help when they are making their posts. Any ideas how?

    2 – I like the use of the Media Library popup. My users will also need to be able to add zip files or files with proprietary formats. Perhaps at the end of their post. Any ideas how to handle that please?

    3 – Custom Post Type – If I make a Custom Post Type with several editing areas and (for example) a section for audio attachments, will they see all those sections when they post? If so, would they be able to choose which type of post they want to make? To choose a simple type of post or an audio type of post for example.

    4 – At the moment I let them post into my main Blog. This is on purpose because I want them to feel valued and their posts to be visible. However, if I wanted to have a section with “Members Posts” later, could we do that? What I’m thinking is that I might want to have a Members Posts section where they have a main post and their other personal posts are listed in a sidebar as their own ‘sub-pages’. I want them to have the option to post to my main Blog or into their ‘Personal Posts’. Their posts will always appear in their Buddypress Profile the same as now but there would be my Main Blog on the site and also a ‘Members Pages’ area on the main site. Maybe we can discuss something like this as a premium addon.

    Thanks for the great plugin!

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    Mike (DesignServe) on #26182

    Adding a Feature Request.

    Could we have a ‘Save’ button so that users can save their work in progress (as a draft say). I haven’t had any failures when testing but if people are taking a long time to make a creative blog post they like to be able to save what they have done so far.

    Thanks for considering.

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    Richard Foley on #26191

    Yep, I use BuddyBlog too. It’s simple and very effective. Hopefully Brajesh will find time to do an update to it soon, even if it’s only a refresh/cleanup of the existing codebase.

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    Brajesh Singh on #26215

    Hi Mike, Richard
    Thank you. Both of you.

    First of all let me tell you the current state of BuddyBlog.
    1. We have added support for multiple post types
    2. Multiple user tabs can be created with different post types
    3. You can create a custom post form in the backend for each of the post type. Yes, custom fields can be defined in the backend form creation page.
    4. Drafts for a post will be supported(not yet implemented).

    This is currently under heavy developement. We will be releasing a polished version with our theme in the end of december or early january.

    Now, about the questions.

    1. you can do that by overriding the buddyblog/edit.php in your theme. Copy it form plugin/buddyblog/template/buddyblog/edit.php and move to yourtheme/buddyblog/edit.php and add the help.

    2. If you are using multisite, you may be able to add it in Networkadmin->Settings(file type).

    3. Not yet. It will be part of the upcoming release(where you can create forms).

    4. This can be accomplished by use of category or custom taxonomy. Also, you ca always differentiaxe buddyblog post from normal post due to use of a meta key.

    Thank you

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