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    Todd on #17152

    Hi – just getting started and haven’t tested this yet –

    Is it possible to have Buddypress network activated, but activate buddyblog only on a subsite, and then limit posting to members with custom assigned role.

    Using other plugins I can create the custom role, and I can assign members to that role, but

    is it possible to set BuddyBlog to only allow posting for that custom role, and only on the that one subsite?


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    Brajesh Singh on #17160

    Hi Todd,
    Welcome to BuddyDev.

    Yes, You can do that with BuddyBlog but there are a few things about BuddyPress setup that you should know:-

    1. When BuddyPress is network active, The Profile page(where all the user menus are) are only accessible on the main site

    2. You can change the above behaviour in 2 ways:-
    A). You can define BP_ROOT_BLOG constant with a blog ID and that specific blog will act as you main BuddyPress network

    B) Or you can enable multi blog mode( define BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG as true ) and all the blogs on your multisite network can have the profile/all other pages(still sharing the global tables).

    In your case, if you want to limit posting to a sub site, you will need the BuddyBlog menu accessible from that sub site only. To achieve that, you will need the profile on that sub site(using either of the above 2 method).


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