BuddyBlog Pro: how do the slugs of the userposts look like?


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    Martin Pleissner on #38032


    we are considering in using BuddyBlog Pro to give our users the possibility to write their own userposts. But there are a couple of questions regarding the slug of these userposts.

    1. How does the slug of a userpost look like?

    2. Are these userposts part of the main blog, or how exactly does it work?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Anu Sharma on #38033

    Hi Martin,

    Thank you for considering BuddyBlog Pro. For more details please have a look BuddyBlog Pro documentation you can got your all answers here.



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    Ravi on #38039

    Hello Martin,

    Thank you for showing interest in BuddyBlog Pro.

    1. How does the slug of a user post look like?

    If the setting name “Make single post viewable on profile?” is enabled post link will be modified to something like:


    If not enabled slug will be default as generated by WordPress.

    2. Are these user posts part of the main blog, or how exactly does it work?

    If you are allowing users to create posts in default WordPress Posts it will be there in the main loop.


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