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    Eric H. on #42051


    is there an option to enable a free entry of keywords in the create-article form in BuddyBlog Pro?
    If you run a recipte blog (as in your examples) its nessesary to let users enter new keywords (maybe also categories).

    tnx, Eric

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    Brajesh Singh on #42105

    Hi Eric,
    Thank you for using the plugin.

    I am very sorry for the delayed reply.

    Currently, the feature to create a new term is not available from front end. we are still in planning mode on how to handle the auditing of user created terms and limiting the abuse of feature. We are also thinking on whether to use a select plugin(such as select2 to allow cusotm terms) or a plain UI.
    It is on our road map and we do hope to make it available in next couple of releases.

    If you have any suggestion about the auditing of user terms or the UI, Please share . It will help us accelerate.

    Thank you

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