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    Marilynn on #50566

    Hi there,

    The public/private settings appear to be working unexpectedly. I am the admin of my site, and expected that private blog posts would only be seen by my private community, and public would be seen by the non-logged-in users. But it appears that private is to me only, as other members of the private community are saying when they click the blog article link, they get a 404 error.

    When I go to my site home page, I see only the posts I marked as public, which is good. I see the private posts inside the private community as expected, but it appears I am the ONLY one who sees those.


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    Brajesh Singh on #50579

    Hi Marilynn,
    Thank you for the question.

    This is expected behaviour. WordPress posts which are private are only visible to author or edit/administrators. They are not community privacy.

    Only posts marked as public are visible to others.


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