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    Gibby on #9069


    On my main user menu all the other plugins display the “count” to the right of the menu name;

    Friends 3

    But with the blog count it appears next to the name

    Buddyapp – the theme author says the “count” should appear between span tags

    <span>my count</span>

    Do you know how i can achieve this with your plugin


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    Brajesh Singh on #9087

    Hi Gibby,
    Thank you for posting.
    we haven’t added that due to performance reasons. Calculating post count on each load will be bad, the other solution will be to syncing the total posts count whenever a post status is changed.

    The difference between friends/messages and the posts is that posts may have existed way before this plugin was activated.

    It is possible to add the count, but the performance hit on site may not be justified. I will look into more details and see if WP offers a performant way to do it. Will post back later today.

    Thank you

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