Buddyblog Translate Error, Hide Editor, Category and Tag Display

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    clyn on #4442


    Thanks your work and sorry my english. I have some problems

    1 – I cant use loco translate because its giving Error: “SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input”. If its not possible to solve this, can ichange on core php files…
    2 – Category and Tag is selecet box so million tag listing. How can i do multi-select for categories and how can do for tag add and comma seperate… And put limit to Tag… Actually i was using a different post editor and i can put limit but this editor not create buddypress menu.
    3 – How can hide editor. I will use your pluging just add video (not talking about embed just write url to editor)…Can we use minimual visiual or no editor…Only post content no upload image…
    4 – If really possible 🙂 i wish we can do this, when member click your pluging menu (you called blog, i will call video) can be filtered by category? You now when click blog menu on members profile, its open “Posts” and “Nw Post”, maybe instead “posts”, can write there category and when click category, this catgory wwill display…


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    clyn on #4443

    Oh cant edit my topic. I installed latest your site also download github… But always give error for traslate

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    clyn on #4444

    Sorry no1 is my fault now i can traslate pluging but 2 problem still same “SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input” and “BLOG” name – on buddymenu – cant see on loco traslate to trasnlate other language.

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    Ravi on #4454

    Hi Clyn,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me know what is the folder name of BuddyBlog plug-in in your plug-ins directory. Is it “buddyblog” or “buddyblog-master” ?.

    Thank You

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    clyn on #4455

    now its Buddyblog-master for my test site … i downloaded github… (i was first download buddydev but after try github download) BUT. I said its my test site. If you want i can select download your site buddydev to my original site.


    My theme KLEO using Rtmedia. Honestly i dont like this plugin some reason. Such as convert mov file mp4 price 🙁 also upload via URL to folder not working (only mp4 extension or jpg) so who or which member control this file extension or never big site such as youtube or vimeo use mp4 extension. Whatever so did not tell this to me. Whatever. I decide to use your Mediapress except video and music upload…


    1 – We are not youtube or facebook so we dont have huge (big) server and capacitiy to store members video and no more traffic limit. So all gallery developer missing this and your all media gallery (for video and music) depends on UPLOAD… Why?
    2 – When any people update image or embed video on whats new field on buddypress, we can just filter update. Not usefull, why i cant see their video?


    I created music cpt, video cpt and other 3 cpt and created bp-custom.php (im just copypaste code user) and all my cpt show on buddypress filter. And people can filter what other one shared on video or music. Image is using with your pluging… BUT THE PROBLEM IS, actually people dont want to click any more link, initially click add video or music on mu top menu, and open “frontier-post” editor (because i have full control on ctaegory and tag with this pluging) add http://youtube/ksjdkjks paste to editor and publish. So my buddypress create activity “Member A published new video” … Not easy way 🙁 but usefull for filter…

    Frontier post editor cant add buddypress menu with editor. SO, NOW IF POSSIBLE…

    1 – Your pluging use only default wp-post or only 1 custom post type… There is no way to do this with your pluging. I have 5 cpt and for each them will create buddypress menu (your default name BLOG) and i want to use like this such as Video, Music, Book etc. So people if want to add click video tab and open simple editor (no need editor just post content is OK) paste video url to here and publish… Thats All…

    2 – Belive me i try to find everywhere BUDYYPRESS LINK pluging develope but this guy not update his pluging. Belive me very very nice pluging. On buddy tab, you adding link with categorry. So its mean that everything can be categorized. So i can see my firends BLUES Music share… Can you check this pluging maybe you develop more.

    3 – Why i cant add to my video gallery these my embed video url or music share on whats new field…? Is that really hard?


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    Brajesh Singh on #4459

    I am sorry to hear about your experience with RT Media.

    I am also sorry that we did not allow adding from url yet. It is coming to MediaPress in September.

    Now, Let us see the issues, you want simple form. Please copy this file
    https://github.com/sbrajesh/bp-simple-front-end-post/blob/master/form.php to

    Now, Please change this line



    <textarea name='bp_simple_post_text'><?php echo $content;?></textarea>

    That will remove the current visual editor and replace that with the simple form.

    You can make any modifications here as long as yolu do not change the name of the form elements.

    Please do let me know if it works fro you or not?

    Thank you

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    clyn on #4468

    Dear Brajesh Singh,

    First of all, i really want to say million thanks. I dont have yourtheme/feposting but i created a folder same name and upload your form.php from github and changed line. Yes, now its simple editor. BUT 🙂 no “post update” or any button to publish this post…

    2 – Is it possible to add here “multi select category”, and “comma seperate add tag”

    3 – Your pluging default 1 select post type. I want to add 3 different post types to here. Video, Music, Book. How can i use your pluging for each 3 different post type. All post type will have TAB on buddypress menu and their simple editor with category…

    4 – If you really develop add via URL to video gallery, belive me will be best seller and i will be the first buyer. Its a only one pluging in the market but people open new page (with shortcode) and adding there. But also big bug…


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    clyn on #4473

    At the moment after add this code <textarea name=’bp_simple_post_text’><?php echo $content;?></textarea>, hide ( + toggle) on member profile when i click “new post”…. Feedback

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    Brajesh Singh on #4484

    Thank you.
    1. Please make sure you have copied the file completely. I see the submit button here

    2. yes, doable and will get @ravisharma to post the code

    3. Multi post type is difficult with BuddyBlog at the moment.

    4. Thank you. We will be sure to do that(It will be free 🙂 )

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    clyn on #4503

    Ah thank you you reply, i check it and also i have same button code there… But editor dont show this button. Can be Conflict with any other plugin or my theme?

    At the moment, its suggest now, can be add filter by category… where? I will explain. I will use buddyblog for musiclist (embed) because because when user click member/blog/post it shows all post there.

    So, there is a two links also can we add category filter. Single select or multi select
    Post New Post CategoryFilter

    Will be perffect because i am visiting my friend and hımm what his music list on blues… OFFF if we add also second filter such as taxonommy or Tag 🙂 Do i want lots of thing?

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