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    Tobias Theel on #48489


    I am running Buddyboss with BP Profile Visibility Members. I want the member directory to be hidden from users so that a user can not see other users. Also, when in a group, I want my users to see all other users who are in the same group.

    Currently all group members seem to be invisible in the group and the member directory. When I deactivate the BP Provile Visibility Manager plugin, the users are visible inside the group and not in the member directory. This is what I would like to see with your plugin activated. So there must be some setting within the plugin that I use contrary to what I want to achieve.

    Is there a way to achieve my desired view? Which settings would I have to make?


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    Brajesh Singh on #48511

    Hi Tobias,
    Welcome to BuddyDev support forums.

    What you are looking for is the default behaviour of the plugin. It should not hide members inside the Group members irrespective of their privacy.

    Which version of BuddyBoss plugin and theme are you using? Are you any other restrictions from BuddyBoss or 3rd party plugins. I am trying to understand as the members should be visible in directory if Profile Visibility plugin was disabled.

    Thank you

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