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    NoNAdmin on #43919


    I have a question about BuddyPress Activity Shortcode. I’m attempting to build a dashboard for my Members. I want to list the following (where “me” = the logged in user). In otherwords, I just want to display the logged in user’s activities.

    * /members/me/activity
    * /members/me/activity/friends
    * /members/me/activity/groups
    * /members/me/activity/favorites

    Are these possible using your shortcode plugin?

    ALSO, do you have a plugin that allows me to display profile oriented information for the logged in user, for example:

    * /members/me/groups (a list of only the groups to which I belong)
    * /members/me/friends (a list of only the people who are my friends)
    * /members/me/forums (a list of only the forums to which I belong)

    I found a plugin out that might do some of the profile oriented lists, but I don’t know anything about the developer or the actual support. At $99 annually, I’m nervous about taking a chance. I LOVE YOUR plugins and your support. So, I would prefer to purchase your plugins.

    NoN Universe Administrator

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    I was able to resolve the following issues on my own using two of your plugins for the LOGGED IN USER: BuddyPress Activity Shortcode and BuddyPress Extended User Groups:


    * User’s Activity/Posts: [activity-stream title=”My Posts” for=logged per_page=1 load_more=1 allow_posting=1]
    * User’s Group Posts: [activity-stream title=”Posts in Groups I Belong To” for=logged per_page=1 load_more=1 scope=groups allow_posting=1]
    * User’s Friend Posts: [activity-stream title=”My Connections’ Posts” for=logged per_page=1 load_more=1 scope=friends allow_posting]

    * Groups to which the User Belongs


    I’m using the BuddyBoss widget to list the User’s friends.

    All that is left is listing the User’s forums.

    Thanks for reading this comment. I really didn’t want to have to add two additional plugins to my site, but BuddyBoss did not leave me an option since they do NOT provide widgets to perform these tasks.

    I’m going to go ahead and close this comment/discussion as I have enough of what I need to move towards building my USER-SPECIFIC dashboard.

    Dianne Blake

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    Brajesh Singh on #43939

    Thank you.

    Please do know that the Activity shortcode is not compatible with BuddyBoss.


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