Buddypress Ajax Registration does'nt register anything

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    Shuzo Sasaki on #33881

    I copied panel-registration.php at /my-child-them/bpajaxr/ and run it after some translations.
    Modal registration panel looked OK. After I clicked the register button, a bubble circle rotated a few second and that’s it. No message appeared and Registration panel still remained but passwords I entered disappeared.
    I replaced translated panel-registration.php with the original one but nothing changed.
    Nothing added in the user list of WordPress.

    My settings are:
    Modal Options – Enable Registration? = yes
    Auto activate on Registration = yes
    Login user after registration? = yes
    Action after successful registration? = Reload current page

    My buddypress is version 6.3.0

    Any advice?

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    Ravi on #33882

    Hello Shuzo,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. I have tested it with your configuration and it is working for me. Can you please share the ajax reponse you are getting. You can get response via google-chrome inspect window “CTRL+SHIFT+I” under “Network” look for admin-ajax.php. Please check the screenshot:



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