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    nana on #7012

    Hello friends. I’m going to start my web / blog project and buddypress with community builder. I have hired a hosting + domain, but I have regretted it. I am doubting about how much hosting is appropriate to hire to start a social network. I’m looking at about 10 gb of space, 5 T transfer (about 10,000 visits). My concern is in the upload of images of the participants in the social network and if 10gb is enough (to begin with). I’ve thought of other alternatives for image uploads, like external storage web pages, but I do not know if that’s a good idea. Can anyone recommend me? Thank you.

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    Brajesh Singh on #7024

    Hi Celia,
    congratulations on starting the project.

    Since you are planning social network, I will suggest getting more storage. 10 GB may not be enough if you are going to allow local uploads.

    The good package to start with depends on how many users you expect in first few months(say 6 months) and what kind of activity.

    It all depends on the specific need and I believe you will have to do the calculations based on your assumptions.

    All the best.


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