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    Tosin on #40253


    I just installed the search plugin at https://github.com/buddydev/buddypress-better-search

    Is it possible to make the search results appear in a custom page (/search/) page

    can this be made to work with buddypress better search

     // Change the search results page URL slug
    function wpcs_search_url_rewrite_rule() {
      if ( is_search() && !empty( $_GET['s'] ) ) {
        wp_redirect( home_url( '/search/' ) . urlencode( get_query_var( 's' ) ) );
    add_action( 'template_redirect', 'wpcs_search_url_rewrite_rule' ); 
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    Brajesh Singh on #40254

    Hi Tosin,
    I am sorry, we do not recommend using that plugin currently. It is on halt(was a fork of BuddyBoss’s original search) and we do plan to work on it in future.


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    Tosin on #40258

    OK thanks but do you have an alternative search plugin to recommend which works with buddypress

    SearchWP https://searchwp.com/ does not work with buddypress

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