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    Tosin on #35150


    With the latest version of buddypress 7.0 there were changes to the Activity comment form in version 7.0.0 from this source https://bpdevel.wordpress.com/2020/09/25/bp-template-packs-changes-in-version-7-0-0/. I am using the legacy template pack but after updating buddypress some weird numbers are being display in the activity page please what could be causing this see screenshot https://ibb.co/28rS9WS

    In my entry.php file this is the current line to code needed to change, is this code correct maybe this is the cause

    <?php wp_nonce_field( 'new_activity_comment', '_wpnonce_new_activity_comment' ); ?>


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    Brajesh Singh on #35155

    Hi Tosin,
    That does not seem to be related to that issue.
    Also, the BuddyPress change swill affect if you haven’t overridden the buddypress.js file.

    Try to check with your theme devloper(or temporarily rename the file) to see if it related to your custom file or not.


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