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    clyn on #14161

    Last 5 or 6 days i’m looking for how to WP post (default post) categories add to buddypress activity filter (site wide and member activity filter) . Actually i found for custom post types also i can add CPT comment etc. But no article my post category A, category B to add filter. Can you help me about this?

    Million thanks…

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    Brajesh Singh on #14172

    Hi clyn,
    The problem can be broken into two parts:-

    1. Saving category data in activity or activity meta table when the post activity is created.

    2. Adding the categories filter in the activity dropdown.

    The first part involves decision:- will you have multiple categories per post? if yes, meta will be the right place to store category association otherwise category table.

    Once you have accomplished it, filtering activity will be a simple task by filtering on bp_after_has_activities_parse_args

    Best Regards

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